Sending Faxes

We firmly believe the below as we also experienced this.  Please be careful when sending faxes.

*****provides users with an option to provide other users with free fax2email numbers (Those 086 numbers you get) They profit share on the cost of sending a fax to these numbers. (damn expensive) Now you get someone that can generate an income from home doing very little. (Hey I am still okay with this, actually this is an excellent idea, for a stay at home mom, looking for a bit of extra income) 
Now you get this idiot who registers as an agent, then they go and register a domain as a recruitment company, with little to buggerall on there, except links to their 'jobs'.
Now they become a 'client' of the 'agent (themselves)
They/he/she posts these awesome jobs on various sites and ONLY give a fax2email for all resumes to be submitted, please note they then even return your email with the following : You need to complete the attached evaluation/application and return via" ... jip fax2email (between 12-40 pages).
Thus these idiots are exploiting jobseekers in the worst possible way. A Lady I know spent R700 on submitting only 5 CV's to these recruitment agencies.... This is a lady with NO job, no savings, no support. 
I am at the point where I say let recruitment agencies fall, for any position under executive and transfer to internal recruitment.
Anel Fourie