Q: I lost all my e-mails and now I cant' find the link to the page where I can list all my jobs and edit them.
A: We unfortunately can not mail you that information.  Please recreate a job, and once you received you new welcome mail simply delete the new job. Remember to use the same address you used before.


Q: Why do I need access to all my supporting documentation (CVs, etc.) and why do I have to upload it every time I apply for a job?
A: We currently do not have capacity to store your documents. However, his may change in future.


Q: Do you do any checks on potential employees (or employers for that matter)?
A: Please note that NO Credit-, Qualifications- or Criminal-checks are done by us.  This site is simply a portal between job-provider and job seeker and is provided as is. However, we do keep an eye on content and if any flags are raised we will not allow such ads.


Q: Do you host only South African jobs?
A: We host primarily South African Jobs but if you have an opportunity elsewhere please post it in the INTERNATIONAL category.


Q: How much do you charge to make use of this service?
A: We currently provide this as a free service, however we do not know what the future holds and we may start charging fees and limit access should the need arise.


Q: The only way I accept applications is via fax. Why don't you allow my ads?
A: Get with the times. Faxes are old technology. Most people have access to scanners and e-mail.  It is extremely expensive for an unemployed person to pay someone to send faxes for them. Our minimum requirement for sending CV's are is e-mail. Think about it: you may loose out on up-to-date candidates with your out-of-date technologies.  And who are you really trying to filter out by insisting on faxes - the poor and unemployed?


Q: In what languages may I publish my ads?
A: We will limit the ads on this site to Afrikaans and English only in order to be able to monitor content. Any other languages will be deleted.


Q: I expect potential employees to pay me before before they can start work. Am I allowed to place my ad on your site?
A: No. Any ads where we have doubt about your intentions, e.g. working on commission only (only allowed if you place in freelancer category), starter packages to be purchased, payments to be made before or when employment commences, etc. will not be allowed. If we have any doubt we will try to access your provided website in order to obtain more information before we make a final decision.


Q: What type of documents may I attach?
A: You may attach ONE document with the following extension: PDF, RTF, DOC, ODT.  Compile all into one document if you need to attach multiple documents.


Q: I applied for a vacancy by sending an e-mail to the employer.  Why does the listing still show '0' Applicants?
A: The number of applicants will only increase where online applications were submitted. When you apply by phoning or mailing an employer using the details given in the listing our system will not know about it and can not count that as an application.


Q: Why are there so many jobs where I can not apply online?
A: Many of the posted vacancies were sourced by C4M vacancies and were not placed by the employers. To contact the employer you have to follow the instructions given in the job description.  Furthermore, some employers prefer not to make use of the online system.